Marketing You

As more and more dispensaries open, it is critical to elevate your dispensary above the rest by creating unique brand awareness.  Competing for the hearts and minds of your existing patients, or new ones, on price alone is not a sound long or short term strategy since their loyalty is to price, not your dispensary.  It stands to reason that when a new dispensary opens in your area that sells for a dollar less, you may lose the patient that buys on price alone.   Due to the intense competitive nature of the medical cannabis industry, it’s more important than ever to create your brand identity and reinforce it every chance you get.  It’s not as hard as you think, and starts with a few key elements.

The American Marketing Association defines a brand as a “name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers”.

The First Key Element of Branding; Create a Great Logo.

Creating a logo starts by coming up with a company name that speaks to what you do and who you are and then wrapping a graphic image around it. Your logo should be used on you website, social networking sites, print media, and all packaging, with the idea that your logo reinforces your message every time your patient see it.  It is exactly what a great logo should and can do.

So What Makes A Great Logo?

  • It is uncluttered with a strong, balanced image;
  • It has a bold and distinctive design that is easy to see at a glance;
  • It has graphic imagery that looks appropriate for your business;
  • It integrates well with your company name;
  • It has an easy to read font;
  • It communicates your business clearly;
  • It looks good in color as well as black and white.

A good place to start for logo ideas are the graphic design websites that sell images.  Nearly all the images are vector graphics that allow all the design elements to be mixed, modified, added to, or deleted, including text.  In fact, multiple elements from multiple images can be combined to create a unique logo.  It’s much like music…everyone uses the same 12 note scale, but the combinations and permutations are infinite.

We recommend as a good starting point.  Sign up for a free account and create a “light box” for the images you want to save.  Then look at the “illustrations” and do a key word search for the appropriate subject matter.  Just remember that individual elements in each illustration can be mixed with others…the possibilities are endless.  If you need help, let us know.  Our design staff can create a unique logo for you for much less than you think, especially if you have done your homework and saved the images you like.

The Second Key Element of Branding; Create a Distinctive Tag Line.

A tag line typically accompanies your logo and is 3 to 7 words long.  It should express your company’s most important benefits and/or what you want your customers to remember about you.

Great tag lines just seem to flow, but they take time, just like designing a great logo. Done correctly, a great tag line will stick in your memory.  Next time you read a magazine or watch TV, look for the great tag lines…they are easy to spot.

How Can Lids & Jars Help?

Our goal is to help you keep your brand in front of your patients and their friends.  By using logoed packaging, even if it is done with just a well designed label, your brand is reinforced every time your patients use their medicine.  Unlike expensive print advertising, where your expensive ads are lost in a sea of other ads all screaming for attention and mostly advertising price, custom packaging creates an added value in the mind of your patient and constantly reinforces your brand.  Better still, our jars are the ultimate recyclable…they are rarely thrown away, but often given to friends that would otherwise never know of your existence.

We encourage you to research the benefits of packaging and branding.  Download the PDF’s below for informative white papers on both.  Pay particular attention to page 8 and 17 in the “Packaging Performance” white paper which talks about attributes of great packaging, and the potential sales increase unique packaging can generate.   Also, look closely at page 6 of “The Blink Factor” which explains the importance of packaging technology.

Have a question?  Call us at 301-356-9095 between 9 and 6 Eastern time or email us…we would love to hear from you.